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Foreign exchange students adjust to school in America

Martin Epperson Jr.
Senior Lorenz Hartmann learns about the Battle of Midway in his WWII and the Holocaust class. Hartmann took the class in order to learn more about what America did during WWII

Two new foreign exchange students are attending the high school. The students, senior Tiago Ogata Pedrosa from Maceió, Brazil and senior Lorenz Hartmann from Suhr, Switzerland are very far from home, but they have already adjusted to the American school system. 

The two students decided to become foreign exchange students for different reasons. Hartmann was drawn to the American culture, and he wanted to learn English.

“I want to learn English and I want to learn about American culture,” Hartmann said.

Ogata Pedrosa is following in his family’s footsteps.

“My parents did the exchange when they were adults. My brother did it, and then they sent me,” Ogata Pedrosa said.

Both students enjoy going to school. Ogata Pedrosa enjoys how big the school is; the school he went to in Brazil was much smaller. He also likes the classes and teachers.

“The school is pretty cool. It’s pretty big. It’s a beautiful school,” Ogata Pedrosa said. “There’s a lot of classes and teachers. The people, I love.”

Both Ogata Pedrosa and Hartmann joined soccer and played on the JV team. Sophomore Jonas Dugger enjoyed playing alongside them. 

“They’re really fun to hang around, and they’re just funny guys,” Dugger said. “I just enjoy being around them. They’re on the team, so they’re actually really good.”

Ogata Pedrosa plans on playing other sports including tennis, and Hartmann plans on bowling and playing tennis.

Both students are going to miss coming to school when they have to go back to their home countries.

“Here, it’s cool,” Hartmann said. “I have friends, and it’s relaxing. School is better,” Hartmann.

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About the Contributor
Sophomore Martin Epperson Jr. is a first-year reporter for The Oriole. Initially, he was not planning on joining the staff but when the opportunity was given, he joined and is excited for the year ahead. When he is not in class, he can be found performing in school drama productions, spending time with friends, playing video games, drawing and serving as a Dungeon Master for the school's D&D Club. After high school, he plans on attending college and becoming a comic book artist or the mayor of Augusta.
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