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The student newspaper of Augusta High School

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Students advocate for brighter, more vibrant school environment

Graphic by TiAna Arnn
Students suggest updates to different areas of the school. Sophomore Harley Williams thinks the halls should be yellow to brighten the hallway.

Walking down the hallways, students notice the posters hanging on the walls and name signs on the lockers. 

Sophomore Harley Williams would like to see a change in the color of the hallways. 

“There needs to be more colors, yellow to make it look more happy,” Williams said. 

While Williams would like to see a different color, senior Autumn Galgon would like to see some murals on the hallway walls instead of posters as well as adding windows in the library.

“I like the middle school library better because there are more windows and a sky light,” Galgon said

Junior Lacey Smith likes the new Welcome to Augusta High School mural that was recently installed by health science teacher Ryan Petty’s room; however, she would like to see it moved.

“I wish it was in the front though not all the way in the back in the school,” Smith said. 

Williams would like to see more murals throughout the school and wants a change to the senior lockers. 

“We should have murals at the school that the kids have painted so that kids will actually want to do something so that theirs can be put up at the school,” Williams said.

 Senior Sawyer Jones would like to see something else changed. 

“The doors are old and need to be replaced, they look outdated for the school,” Jones said.  

Sophomore Eli King wants the front of the school to be changed. 

“The landscaping in the front needs some bushes or something besides what is there, there are too many sidewalks,” King said. 

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TiAna Arnn, Reporter
Senior TiAna Arnn is a third-year reporter on The Oriole Staff. She joined The Oriole to write about activities going on in the school. She wants the website to be full of information about what is going on in the school and the community. While on staff, she enjoys talking to different people around the school and getting involved with activities going on. When she is not writing stories, she can be found playing tennis, bowling or playing pep songs with the band. She enjoys playing the clarinet, hiking and going to the lake with her family. Her plans for the future include attending college, and majoring in something in the culinary arts field.  
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