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Library welcomes recent changes

Photo by Azlyn Kutz
Sophomore Gabrielle Wilson studies Spanish in the library during Ace. She often comes in to study in the library rather than stay in her classroom. “It is a more quiet and comfortable environment,” Wilson said.

The sounds of pages flipping, pencils scratching against paper and printers running echoes throughout the library as students settle into the new surroundings. Some students appreciate the new layout and rules more than others.

Librarian Megan Vittitow came to the high school after working at the middle school for 13 years. She’s quickly begun to make it her own. 

“When the library position came open, library is my love, I immediately knew that I wanted to be back in the library,” Vittitow said. “I feel like I really connect well with students, and going into the high school was a new challenge.” Previously at the middle school, Vittitow worked as the MTSS coordinator. She helped students who were struggling in math and reading, as well as listening.

Vittitow re-arranged the library in her first few weeks as the librarian. “I am a very systematic and organized person,” Vittitow said. “I like things in a certain order.”

Students who use the library on a regular basis are adjusting to the changes.

“I didn’t mind having it be arranged and things, I just don’t like how she arranged them,” senior Alex Evans stated. “I agree that they should have been arranged, but I don’t like her getting rid of some of the furniture.”

Library aide Bri Hayes is more comfortable now that the couches are gone. “Honestly, I’m a lot more comfortable not having all of the couches,” junior Bri Hayes said. “There were a lot of people who came in just to sit around, so it’s kind of nice that she’s focusing more on making sure people are working.”

Former librarian Casey Penner allowed students to eat their lunch in the library, but Vittitow changed that rule.

“I don’t like how we can’t eat in the library anymore,” sophomore Gabrielle Wilson said. “Every day we used to sit in the library and eat lunch. I just like it a lot better than the cafeteria.”

Vittitow feels that the cafeteria would be wasted if students were allowed to eat in the library. It is also easier for the staff if all students were in one place.

“I feel like we have the ability to have a great cafeteria,” Vitittow said. “I just know, for supervision purposes, it’s better to have students in one location.”

Vitittow is mainly focused on what more she can do to continue to improve the library. One of the ways she is planning on doing this is by continuing to sponsor the book club, though under her leadership, the book club will look a little different.

“Currently, it’s reading whatever students want to read,” Vittitow said. “Second semester, we’ll look at getting entire books that we can read together and discuss.” 

Many students that had been a part of the book club in previous years do plan to stay in the club, despite it’s changes. 

“I liked it so much last year,” Evans said. “I just want to see how it is going to change with the new sponsor.”

Vittitow is not the only new staff member added to the building, for more information on other staff new to the building, click here.

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