Required electives prove to be a waste of time


Numerous high schools across America do not demand a physical education, health or fine arts credit in order to graduate, Augusta High School is sadly, not part of this number. 

At a nationwide level, 13 states in the nation do not require a fine art or health credit to graduate, and 10 states do not require a student take a physical education class to be taken to graduate, this according to the Education Commission of the States. Students who attend these schools and do not need said courses to be successful in their future can instead choose to take classes that will help them in their careers; thus, a more productive use of their time. Physical education, fine arts, and health should still be available, however not enforced. 

Different students require different environments to succeed. For some, a gym class not only proves to be a tedious requirement, but also a pointless one. Some believe high school students will not be well-rounded adults if they do not participate in a physical education and fine art course. If this is true, every student who does not take an art or gym class in the states that do not require it do not turn out to be well-rounded persons. 

In the current economy and state of the world, someone could argue these classes are necessary for a person to be prosperous; despite this accusation, many professions exist that do not require being physically active or the possession of fine art skills. For example, an occupation in the following areas does not require physical or artistic abilities: computers and technology, health care, and management and business. These three career departments not only happen to be in the top ten career fields in the nation, but can produce high paying salaries. 

If a student does not need a class in order to flourish in their future, and if the class is not benefiting them in any way, they should not be required to take it.