Thanksgiving breaks are too short


Photo courtesy Bridgett McMichael

McMichael children gather around their cousin and grandparents after a Thanksgiving feast. The last time they were in Minnesota for Thanksgiving was in 2017.

Thanksgiving break is a time where families are able to join together and be thankful for those around them. Being close to family during the holiday is a special moment where memories, that can last a lifetime, can be made. The break is a good way to be with those we love, but since it is a short time, my family in Minnesota is not able to see me, my parents and siblings. 

As a family, we have always been very close together and used to spend every holiday together at my grandparent’s house; however, when we moved here, we had to limit which holidays to spend in Minnesota since the cost of travel was expensive and the time was cut short. Having a Thanksgiving break that had a few extra days would once again give my family and me the opportunity to be around my whole family during the Thanksgiving break. 

This year, for the 2019 break, we have five days off including the weekend. The time it takes to drive from Kansas to Minnesota is roughly nine-hours. Driving time to Minnesota would take up a day to get there, and another day to return home. Subtracting the two days of driving, that would leave three days for my family and me to try and visit all of our family members, which is not enough time. 

I would like to have two extra days involved in the break, so our time in Minnesota would be greater, and the expenses of the trip there would pay off. Three days is not enough time for an expensive trip. With an extra two days, we would have a week to be with our family and celebrate the occasion. Not being with family during a holiday is an upsetting time, and having two days more could allow us to reunite at my grandma’s “famous” Thanksgiving dinner again.

With the days added to the break, we would have to make those two days up somewhere else. I feel like with the days we would have to add in, we could put it at the end of the year. Ending school two days later is not a huge problem, so I do not think anyone would be upset.

The Holiday is a joyful time that brings my family together when we have not seen each other in almost six months. With two more break days, it would give my family, and other students in the school in the same position, the chance to be with those who they cannot see on a regular basis. A longer break is a great idea that the school board should consider for the future years to come.