Augustans vote to approve rec commission


Graphic courtesy Augusta KS facebook page.

A list of activities that could be done if the rec commission is passed. The vote was held on May 9th and was approved.

Due to the closure of the Robinson Elementary school, the building was left vacant. The  building is now a community center, and since the rec commission was approved, it will become one part of the building. A vote to make the final decision on the matter will be held on May 9th, and an open house was previously held on May 2nd to further promote the idea and spread information. 

“The rec commission is an organization that would allow for families and children to participate in activities in the community instead of having to go to other places such as Wichita,” junior Peyton Childers said. 

The commission would allow members of the community to be a part of activities such as soccer, youth fishing, zumba, music lessons and kayaking clubs. 

“This creates good opportunities in town for people to learn new things or make new friends,” Peyton said. “I think it would be a progressive step in the right direction, and would help kick start something great.”

Sharing similar views, former mayor  Matt Childers supports the commission. 

“The commission is whatever the citizens of Augusta want it to be,” Matt said. “It would help manage and centralize just about any sports event or activity.”

Not every citizen of Augusta views this as a positive addition to the community.

“There are just so many unanswered questions about the commission,” community member Tori Duncan said. “I’m most worried about how security would be handled. They talk about how volunteers will play a role, but what happens if people stop volunteering?”

Another concern Duncan had the price that will be placed upon citizens. 

“They say it won’t cost the taxpayer of Augusta anything, but also say it will have a cost,” Duncan said. “Each event would also have their own costs, and how would that be taken care of without taxpayer assistance?”

Since it passed, the city will choose three members, followed by three more from the school board.