New tutoring program offers AVID strategies


Photo by Emily Brinkley

Room 208 with AVID tutors waiting for students. Tutoring takes place Tuesday and Thursdays during ACE.

Starting Sept. 1, Avid teacher J.D. Hand is supervising the new ACE Tutoring Program in room 208 every Tuesday and Thursday.

Hand was chosen to supervise this, as principal Rick Rivera wanted a teacher with AVID training that can help students and tutors.

 Juniors Aspen Magruder, Logan Pfeiffer and Emma Neuschafer are using their AVID training to help anyone who would like assistance with any type of subject or assignment needed. 

“I hope it’ll be like an open and safe environment,” Neuschafer said.

While in the study room students may participate in individual help or use the room to work on group projects together.

“Our goal is to teach people how to solve problems in a specific subject and not just give people the answer,” Neuschafer said.

In order to attend tutoring during ACE students must go to the office and get an ACE pass for one of the available days during the week. While students are in the study room, no food, drinks or cell phones can be out during class as well as only working on school work. 

“We hope this will help students become familiar with a different process to address what confuses them,” Hand said.