Juniors begin planning prom


Photo by Kylie Glenn

Juniors attend a class meeting Oct. 9 to discuss fundraising, themes, and setting up. This year was the first time in over a decade that a vote was not necessary to determine the prom theme.

Prom sponsor Kelly Groom and assistant Audra Shelite lead the planning of the junior and senior prom each year. This year began with a fundraiser meeting Oct. 9 and a meeting Oct. 30 to present themes.

Juniors sold “Food for the Soul” which included various comfort foods. The student who sold the highest dollar amount will win a senior picture packet from Kenny Helton and anyone who raised 100 dollars will get a free prom ticket. The money earned goes towards the prom budget.

“I picked a food flyer that I thought matched the kids this year,” Groom said

Juniors were able to sign up in the South Office with Groom in order to propose a prom theme. Only one group presented a theme Oct. 30, which was Under the Stars with an emphasis on galaxy.  A meeting will be held at the Point Events Center Nov. 2 to begin planning.

“I would love for a lot more people to help out if they want,” Groom said. “I sent out postcards this year, so we’ll see how our first meeting goes.”

The prom committee will hold five meetings this year in order to coordinate prom; however, students can get involved without having to attend. Anyone can help set up for the promenade as well as help take down the prom decorations the following day. 

“We spend a couple of evenings the week before prom setting up,” Shelite said. “It’s usually a couple hours each night we’re there if not more.”

Sophomores who help set up for prom or clean will earn 500 dollars for their class prom. Five juniors helped last year and earned money towards this year’s prom.

“It’s usually just parents and students helping load it up in trucks and bring it back,” Shelite said.