Junior class organizes prom


Photo by Jacob Gillis

Juniors met at The Point Event Center Nov. 7. This year’s theme, “Beauty and the Beast,” was presented.

The junior class is traditionally responsible for everything prom related. Meetings are held year-round until the dance finally happens.

Administrative assistant, Kelly Groom has been in charge of prom for eight to 10 years of the 23 years she has been involved with prom. Groom began her involvement by taking tickets at the door. When her predecessor retired, she took over.

“I’ve always liked prom and the fact that it isn’t just a dance. I started taking tickets and signing kids in, and worked my way up,” Groom said.

Art teacher Audra Shelite is Groom’s assistant. Her art experience helps to create the vision of prom and execute it.

Although Groom and Shelite are responsible for overseeing the process, ultimately prom is entirely up to the junior class and the elected prom coordinator.

“The kids come up with the ideas and they vote,” Groom said.

This year, the final themes presented were “Beauty and the Beast” and “Footloose”.

“Beauty and the Beast” won with a majority vote. The idea for this theme was presented by Emi Bird (11) and Emma Higgins (11).

The pair came up with the idea after watching the movie.

“I watched the movie and it was just so romantic and pretty,” Higgins said.

Callie Thomas (11) is one of the juniors who attended the meeting to vote.

“I voted for Beauty and the Beast because it is more of a fairy tale,” Thomas said.

Prom is Saturday, April 28, and tickets go on sale April 2.