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Entertainment enters the scholars bowl scene

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A new topic rounded its way into the scholars bowl season. Entertainment now states its claim as one of the subject matter categories of the competition. Questions will be based on several different areas of the industry.

Scholars bowl coach Jonathan Morgan said the entertainment category included television, animation, board games, where is Stan Lee?, music pre-1990s, music post-1990s, classic movies, and more.

This new category, which will not be part of the regular season competitions, debuted at the preseason meet in Wichita West High School Oct. 4 where it was the only category in the competition. Students had to scan their memories to recall facts about media classics in order to

score points.

The pre-season meet did not have any effect on any records for the season; it was all just for fun. All of the questions came from the entertainment category.  Throughout the event, many laughs were shared.

“[My favourite moment] had to be when [Jacob Sykes (9)] yelled out, ‘Can we please refill the M&Ms?’” Isaiah Thornburg (10) said.

Students were excited about the new category. They said it was a nice change from the normal topics like geography, chemistry, etc.

Even though the meet had no serious implications, a competitive air affected the event.

“It was similar to a regular scholars bowl tournament,” Morgan said.

At the end of the day, the team placed third with a positive win/lose ratio.

“We went 3-2, and did not go on to the next round,” Morgan said.

Many of the members also enjoyed the outcome of the event.

“We got 3rd out of a lot of people, so that’s good,” Thornburg said.

With the team leaving in third place, they are ready for the coming season.

“In terms of these fun tournaments, I hope to do one again next year,” said Morgan.

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Entertainment enters the scholars bowl scene