New goals strike the New Year

Haley Jeter, Reporter

January 24, 2020

“I take my New Year’s resolutions very seriously, 100 percent very seriously,” junior Everett Latimer said.  Students opinions vary when it comes to the impact of New Year’s resolutions.  “I really don’t think New Year’s resolutions are too big of a deal,” sophomore Devin Russell said. “I think people can take a dramatic change at any point of their life.”  Resolutions vary depending on the life of each individual student.  “A lot of my friends told me when you set New Year’s resolutio...

Sophomores Bailey Bohon and Reese Ratcliff use their ACE period to work on schoolwork. Many teachers encourage their ACE students to finish their work and make sure they are not messing around.

Good decisions provide a better future

January 24, 2020

“Throughout school I have learned that prioritizing my work is very important and is definitely helping me keep my grades up,” sophomore Hunter Henderson said. When students go through the full four years of high school, teachers help them learn a lot about making better decisions. “I always he...

Parking lot worries young drivers

Adalynn Payne, Reporter

December 3, 2019

Every day students, teachers, and parents drive through the parking lot to come to school or drop off their child. A great number of cars that drive through the school parking lot, so how are students using the lot before and after school.  “I park in the same spot every day roughly because it is easier and I am used to parking there,” Connor Casteel said. Before and After school students sit in their cars and hang out with friends and some are just waiting to leave or till the lines of cars deplete.  “...

The Dance team poses in front of the high school before departing for their summer camp in Emporia. Senior Maddie Ray, junior Alexis Semisch, sophomore Trinity Tisdale, freshmen Lana Wood, and Aaralynn Chavana were nominated for the All-American dance team

Dancers earn All-American Award, one goes to Rome

November 26, 2019

Excitement filled the air at the sight of the bright pink ribbons. The dancers all held their breaths, each secretly hoping it would be them that received the ribbon which would label them as and All-American nominee.  Sophomore Trinity Tisdale, senior Maddie Ray, junior Alexis Semisch, freshman La...

Senior Wyatt Timsah and Jacob Reavis jam out at Arkalalah dressed like Freddie Mercury and Brian May from Queen. The marching band received a 1 rating at contest.

Marching band ends, concert band takes first step

November 26, 2019

Augusta will always remember the sound of intense, thundering Queen music played by the marching Orioles, filling the stadium stands on home games.  The marching band season came to an end after their final competition (southern plains). This ending can cause a strange transition period between mar...

Health teacher Cynthia Phillips holds two CPR dummies and a practice AED kit. The school has been teaching students how to perform CPR for at least 10 years in health classes.

Health CPR curriculum required for graduation

November 22, 2019

It feels good to be a hero. Ever since cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was invented, it has been used for decades in the United States to revive victims of cardiac arrest.  “Heart, breathing, and life,” health teacher Cynthia Phillips said.  According to the Kansas State Department o...

Gallows Hill in Salem, Massachusetts was declared in 2016 the place in which the hangings took place. 20 victims accused of Witchcraft were hanged on Gallows hill.

The Salem Witch Trials: The deadliest witch hunt in North America

October 31, 2019

326 years ago, folks who had been imprisoned for the accusation of witchcraft were released, but for some men and women it was too late their judgment day had already come. 20 women and men were hung for the crime of witchcraft, others died while in prison and one victim was crushed to death. The Salem...

Senior Lexi Chinn and her mom Sherri Combs celebrate senior night Oct. 18. Chinn carried a photo of her dad who passed earlier this year.

Emotions run high on senior night

October 23, 2019

Fall senior night is a big deal to most student athletes, band members and for color guard. Feelings are overpowering and parents and seniors shed tears during the emotional night. This is the last home football game of the year and the night seniors are recognized for their fall activities. For...

Facebook changes worldwide

Facebook changes worldwide

October 21, 2019

Facebook is a social network service that founder Mark Zuckerberg launched in February 2004, founded by Mark Zuckerberg. The site was initially going to be used by Harvard students, but over two years, the idea expanded into a worldwide network. People who were 13 years of age or above could eventuall...

Opinions vary on Apple’s new iPhone

Infographic by Sydnee Kuhn

October 15, 2019

The latest edition of the iPhone, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, was released to the public Sept. 20. The update included a new camera system.

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