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Local food scene offers variety of restaurants

Graphic by Justin Gwaltney

Sounds of idle chatter and grills frying up burgers fill the restaurant as someone enjoys their meal.

“Our town has the basic options of food; we have a good amount of fast food, but not a whole lot of restaurants,” senior Kate Cline said.

Sophomore Kayden Nield-Broadhead appreciates the food options.

“Our town has fast food covered with McDonald’s and Dairy Queen, but we also have some sit-down restaurants with King Buffet and Sugar Shane’s,” Nield-Broadhead said.

However, senior Will Stueven dislikes how many options are available.

“There’s not enough options; it’s all just burger places and it sucks,” Stueven said. “I would rather go to Wichita for food over our town.”

Stueven, while not appreciating the kinds of food, is pleased by where these restaurants are located.

“I’m glad all the food is in one place, all on one street. It allows for easy selection when I don’t know what to get,” Stueven said.

Nield-Broadhead also enjoys having food options close to one another.

“It is really helpful that all the food places are located in one central location downtown, making it easier to see all the options available,” Nield-Broadhead said.

Just like how Dominos is on the other side of town compared to other restaurants, Cline wants food places to spread out.

“It would make for easier access if there were food places all over town,” Cline said. “I don’t like them all in one place.”

Nield-Broadhead wants to see a change in the diversity of food offered in town.

“We have Asian and American food, but I would love to see an Italian restaurant in town,” Nield-Broadhead said.

Stueven wants to see more Asian food in town.

“I know we have King Buffet, which is more Chinese, but I wanna see a Vietnamese restaurant in town, so I can eat some Phở,” Stueven said.

Nield-Broadhead also has certain restaurants he hopes would appear in town.

“I would love to see an Olive Garden, a Starbucks or a Chick-fil-A come here,” Nield-Broadhead said.

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Justin Gwaltney, Editor-in-Chief
Senior Justin Gwaltney is The Oriole Editor-in-Chief. This is Gwaltney’s second year leading the staff. He joined staff in the second semester of his freshman year, so this is his third and a half year writing for The Oriole. He joined the staff as he always loves writing stories, so allowing him to also present information about our school to the community was a win-win situation. He enjoys playing 2nd bass drum for the drumline and competing with his friends on the scholars bowl team. Some big accomplishments for Gwaltney include achieving Eagle Scout, as well as memorizing 100 digits of pi. In the future, he hopes to become an English educator for the high school level, in order to inspire and teach future generations.
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