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Friday notes add positivity throughout the school

Photo by TiAna Arnn
Assistant principal TJ Meyers decided to start a new tradition called Friday Notes. Friday notes started Sept. 8.

As students fill up the office waiting to fill out notes, Friday notes are being sent out through the school to spread some positivity around. 

Assistant principal TJ Meyer decided to make Friday notes a tradition.

“I was at a professional development this summer and was listening to a guy that talked about a school district that started that tradition on Fridays,” Meyer said. “I thought it would be something that we could use to spread some positivity around the building and help our culture at the school.”

English teacher Becky Timberlake sees these notes as a way to communicate to people and likes how they are delivered for her. 

“I think that it’s an opportunity to tell people things that you wouldn’t want to tell them face to face but can be a really nice gesture,” Timberlake said. 

Senior Lizzy Priddy wants it to be a notes where people know that you care for them. 

 “I feel like it would be a good way if you have a lot of friends and one is down and it would be easier for people just to know that you are there for them,” Priddy Said. 

While it can make the school more positive all around, Priddy took the opportunity to make it encouraging but fun at the same time and gave her nice note to junior Hunter Murphy. 

“I gave it to Hunter Murphy and the reason why I gave it was because I thought it would be funny to say I will catch a bigger fish than him but, I also said I hope you’re having a good day,” Priddy said. 

While Murphy has only received one he would give one out if he got the opportunity to.

“I think it’d be fun, especially like sending your friend a funny note brings a ton of positivity and a ton of joy to everyone, so I think it will be  a great way to do that,” Murphy said. 

Meyer’s ultimate goal is to make the school an uplifting place for the students and the staff. 

“I think anytime we can spread kindness and uplifting things. I hope that it’s enjoyable, and the staff are getting nice notes, too, and so the more we can spread kindness I think will be good,” Meyers said. 

Social studies teacher Brad Raine enjoys the notes because it makes his day.

“I felt appreciated and it made my day better,” Raine Said.  “I think the kids will enjoy it when they have a good relationship with those teachers.”

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