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Domino’s provides new jobs to high schoolers

Emily Brinkley
The construction workers have finished up the last touches on the new Domino’s restaurant. Domino’s is expected to bring new jobs to high school students and provide a food location on the north end of town.

Early last year, management at Domino’s pizza decided to expand its business by opening in Augusta at 2330 Ohio St. High school students including junior Julia Means see the restaurant as a job opportunity to earn money.

“It was one of the only places hiring in Augusta,” Means said. “It’s a lot closer to the school and easier to get a job because of the job openings.”

Students like senior Teegan Wells applied for the job because she wanted to make money while in high school. Wells has gone through training in Andover for her new job.

“It’s a pretty easy job;  it is going to make people money,” Wells said. 

Junior Dara Mentzer enjoys Domino’s pizza, she wants people to work there because she enjoys Domino’s over Pizza Hut.

“Domino’s is good, so a lot of people are going to want to work there,” Mentzer said.

Even though people enjoy getting a new restaurant, the location concerns some students as it is placed away from other restaurants.

“It might get different sales because it’s in a weird place,” Mentzer said. 

Because students have preferences in certain pizzas, some students think sales will differ between the pizza businesses. 

“We have a pizza place already, but now the other side of town can get delivered to them faster,” Means said. “Domino’s is better in some aspects, so I think Pizza Hut is going to get less sales.”

Wells agrees with Means, but is confident in her opinion of the sale differences.

“I definitely think Domino’s is going to be a lot more popular than Pizza Hut,” Wells said.

As of now, Domino’s has not announced when the restaurant will open; however, they are currently training their staff. While everyone has a different opinion on getting a new restaurant, some students are excited to get a job opportunity in the town. 

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About the Contributor
Emily Brinkley, Reporter
Sophomore Emily Brinkley is a second-year reporter for The Oriole. She joined newspaper to be closer to the students in the school. She hopes people will be able to learn more about their community and classmates through the stories that are written. When she graduates from high school, she would like to study to be a kindergarten teacher. Brinkley is also a member of the color guard and in her second year, she was chosen to lead the team as captain. She feels honored that she is able to lead the team.  When she is not in school, she enjoys reading, fishing with her family, playing with her dog Walter or listening to music. 
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