Choir students perform in 1980s themed final concert


Photo by Dalton Pankratz

Women’s choir performs their first number of the evening, “Fame”. Students received matching t-shirts with the name of the program and logo on the front with a cast list on the back.

The choir department performed its final concert May 9 “Take Flight: AHS ♡’s the 80s”.

“I think this show really captured who we are as a choir and why we all love being in choir so much,” sophomore Veazie Butler said. 

The concert was centered around the 1980s, and students performed a series of popular songs from this era.

“This last concert was really special, and we had so much fun performing last night,” sophomore Gabe Kohls said. 

Choir students began rehearsing for this concert at the end of March including new choreography for almost every song.

“When we did our choreography, we all kind of just clicked,” Butler said. “We all got along and helped each other out if we struggled with one of the songs.”

Kohls joined choir this year and has also assisted the choir in playing drums in past concerts.

“As someone who started choir this year, I’ve made a lot of friends and memories in concert choir,” Kohls said.

Sophomore Mya Goodmanson is in Concert Choir and Bella Canto.

“The choir concert was so much fun. It’s always fun to put on our last concert of the year,” Goodmanson said.

Celebration of the end of the year began right after the concert. Many students and choir director Nick Franssen gathered at the local McDonald’s to reflect on the evening.

“After the concert a bunch of us met up at McDonald’s and even our teacher stopped by,” Goodmanson said.

Franssen is new to USD 402 and organized the concert differently.

“The performance last night really showcased how Franssen holds us accountable and how much effort he puts into our choirs,” Butler said.