Cast and Crew prepare for ‘The Worst High School Play in the World’


The “Worst High School Play in the World,” will take on March 31, and on April 1, tickets will be $7 for students and $10 for adults. With the production date coming up the cast has worked to make the play possible. Spending hours after school to practice lines and cues, with this play also being some students’ first play, brings new experiences to those individuals. 

“In the beginning, I wasn’t originally a part of the play; I was actually a ride for the stage manager Sophie Rhodes, and then I was also there to fill in for people who were missing in rehearsal,” sophomore Bri Hayes said. “After somebody had quit, I was offered a position as one of the characters, and I accepted it, and I still fill in for people who are gone during rehearsals, so I tend to just help where I can.” 

Each cast member has a different part in the play and views the play in different ways. Between the upperclassmen and underclassmen, each grade views their role as a friend and as a cast member differently. 

“Part of what’s been an adjustment for me between this show and last show is just realizing and coming to the understanding that I’m one of those upperclassmen that I used to work alongside in the early days of doing theater,” senior Cody Wilson said. “So realizing now my role as an upperclassman and adjusting to that is different and seeing the newer people come into their new roles.” 

Wilson plays a character named Viscera, a cowardly king who is also the main antagonist of the show.

 Although the title of the play is, “The Worst High School Play in the World,” that tells about the comedic aspects of the play’s plot and not how the cast and crew has worked. 

“Its purpose is not to be the greatest show,” senior Jaxon Williamson said. “It just has so many weird plot holes going on. The main character gets left in the forest and raised by squirrels at one point; it doesn’t really follow a path other than a guy’s trying to be king. That’s basically the show.”