Young people’s romantic relationships affect lives


As I walk around the halls of the school or in any store, I have seen public displays of affection. What I have noticed is teens have a mindset that being in a relationship is what their lives should revolve around.

At a young age, children see relatives or friends in their lives in a committed relationship. They start to wonder if a relationship will work or if they will like it.  “Will I ever be in a relationship anytime soon” or “Hey, they’re cute”.

The fact, my opinion is people can function on their own, and they do not need another person to hold their hand to do everything. 

To make a person happy in life they will need family and friends, they do not need a significant other to be happy. And long as their in a good relationship with your family then you should be happy and able to communicate with your family,which means you have to have open communication with your parents and friends. If they do not have open communication with family, then yes, it will not be happy or feel complete with life. It may be a struggle with opening up to parents,then just ask them if you, can talk about something, and ask them about their opinions,and see how they take it. They will more than likely give advice to their children that do not want to hear because it is the truth, or it may be something that they can handle and follow through with it. 

If they do not feel complete because they do not have a significant other in life, maybe they will need to focus on themselves and try to bring up some of the energy or even happiness for yourself and try to make yourself presentable for yourself and not for other people. If they follow through with that, then they will feel better about themselves and will not feel like others are judging them. If they are struggling with their home life and feel like they need to have a significant other to run away from problem, like all the arguments that will not help later on down the road. 

Some teens have a different outlook on relationships now because they are meeting new people from different schools or even towns. Some teens meet other people around the world through social media, which is scary because they could be getting catfished or they could be way older.