Social media harms teens’ productivity, mental health

Often younger children are given opportunities to use screens as a way to deal with their boredom or keep them under control, which can lead to problems with their usage of technology later on in life.

Technology is known to create productivity issues among young people, as well as adults. 

Using screens is known to create issues with insomnia and sleeping schedules. 

Technology plays a critical role in a teenager’s life. From completing schoolwork to communicating with friends, a teen is constantly in contact with technology.

Most schools rely on technology for most of their courses, with homework being assigned digitally, which drastically increases screen time. In a study done by New Schools Venture Fund, it is found that 65% of teachers use digital learning tools in the classroom each day.

School is only the tip of the iceberg for teens’ technology usage.

Teens spend a large amount of time on social media, the main cause of many different issues among teens throughout the country. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, teens spend an average minimum of nine hours on screens per day.

Not only does social media take up a large portion of teens’ time, but it can also cause social and emotional issues. Mclean Hospital states that recent studies have shown that using social media causes young users to compare themselves and their lives to others, leading to anxiety, depression, and loss of self-esteem.

Nearly every teen has an account on some sort of social media, and each individual feels the effects of it daily.

Social media not only makes me feel tired and irritated, it can sometimes feel like a burden. 

Keeping up with everyone’s lives on social media can be draining. When I make a post, I constantly find myself watching my likes and how others interact with my profile. This takes time away from being social and enjoying the world around me.

Although social media has many negatives, it also has a great number of positive aspects.

Social media allows me to interact with my family and friends when I am far away or when I am right next to them.

Social media can sometimes be a way to escape from the outside world causing aimless scrolling among users.

This constant scrolling leads to harm of productivity and interaction with the outside world among teens. 

Social media takes up a lot of time, sometimes leading to spending hours upon hours on social media, neglecting the other hands-on activities available.

High amounts of screen time are often the result of using social media. Social media should be used in moderation for the mental health and well-being of its teen users.