Student schedules need reworked

One of the best parts about high school is the students’ ability to customize a class schedule to have the exact classes they want to take to either learn new information about their interests or maybe try out something new. But most of the time conflicting classes will appear that need to be fixed. 

Student schedules need a rework. I have had plenty of problems getting the classes I want because the way the schedule was built, three classes conflict. I was unable to take junior honors English because it was only offered 1B, which is when band is, and 3B, which is when newspaper is scheduled.Band and newspaper are classes I have pursued in high school and mean a lot to me. Band and newspaper are classes I have pursued in high school and mean a lot to me.

While most of the classes have designated class periods, while still allowing teachers to have one planning period each day, I feel some of these classes could be planned out better.

Putting core classes, especially specific ones like honors English at the same class period as a widely selected elective class such as band is bad planning. A lot of students who take electives like band, jazz band and choir could have their class choices limited because of their interests.

I suggest core classes should not be put on widely selected classes and instead allow teachers to have a planning period during that time to help avoid conflicts with classes.

It would be better for certain core classes to avoid having a time period during the first block as there is a high chance of there being conflicts in someone’s schedule. I feel it is also important to also adjust what blocks classes will be taught at, so it can avoid as many conflicts in the future as possible.

Overall, I love the ability to be able to express my interests and learn more about what I want to learn about in these creatively adjusted schedules, but most of the time, these schedules have conflicts that limit my ability to get all the classes I want, so schedules need a rework.