District installs new phones in classrooms


Photo By Trent Cabrales

Frank Espinosa takes a phone call on his new classroom phone and is pleased with the functionality of it. He seemed to enjoy the new phones in the classroom.

The sound of pencils scratching on paper, keyboards typing away, teachers lecturing. When a phone rings in a classroom, usually it is a student’s, but now it is the teacher’s phone.

JAG-K specialist Ashley Gull, who shares a classroom with JAG-K specialist Christy Pray, likes the installment of her new classroom phone.

“We do like it, actually,” Gull said. ”We are going to see if we can move it because it’s like right by the door,” Gull said.

Spanish teacher Frank Espinoza said he likes being able to stay in his room to communicate with other faculty members.

“It’s nice with a teacher that I don’t have to actually go and physically find that teacher. I can just call them in the room,” Espinoza said.

Social studies teacher Rick Hess thinks about other classes and where the techs had to install the phones.

“Most teachers, I think, are upset with where the phone is at, but they had to put the phone wherever your wall jack was. I have my desk by the wall jack, so that works for me,” Hess said.

Espinoza was less enthused with the original location of his phone.

“When they initially installed my phone in the room, the jack had no service so they had to fix that problem,”

Espinoza said. “Now, the phone is in close proximity to my desk, which I really like.” 

Hess thinks the new phones are just as efficient as the old intercom system.

”I think it’s no different than being interrupted by the intercom when someone needs to be excused, they have to be excused,” Hess said.

Spanish teacher Mandy Walker likes the idea of more privacy for students.

“I think it kind of helps with the privacy of students because we don’t embarrass kids,” Walker said.

When they initially installed my phone in the room, the jack had no service so they had to fix that problem.