New anonymous voting app takes over Apple App Store

Tiktok and BeReal have been dethroned as Apple’s App Store’s most downloaded app in recent months. Who has taken over? None but the Gas App, an anonymous voting app teens across the country use.

The app requires users to enter their locations and upload their contacts in order to participate in the anonymous polls. 

Every 30 minutes, 12 new polls are available for voting. At the end of the 12 polls, the app rewards users with a random number of coins.

Users can spend earned coins to either add their name to three random polls or put their name in the polls of a chosen friend. Adding their name to three random polls costs 100 coins while putting their name in a specific friend’s poll costs 300.

Each poll has four options of classmates or friends of the user that can be chosen for a given topic. 

Most topics are “most likely to” or statements for the user to pick the friend whom they feel most fits the description. 

When users are notified that they have been voted for, the app only shows the gender and grade identity of the user who voted for them as well as the options of the poll. 

Users can see the number of friends or how many “flames” or votes they have when they view profiles on the app. Their top three flames, or what they have been voted for the most, are also visible.

The app is an overall positive experience for users and allows them to connect with each other in an innovative and new way. Users can learn more about themselves as well as their friends through daily interactions on the app.