When Christmas music should be played


Photo by Dalton Pankratz

Freshman Aiden Catlin searches for a Christmas song to listen to. Catlin always listens to Christmas music directly after Halloween ends.

With Christmas music already being played in stores, restaurants, and businesses, it has raised some controversy on the appropriate time to start the Christmas cheer.

“It is annoying to listen before Thanksgiving,” sophomore Elijah Bryant said. “People move from Halloween straight to Christmas, and they forget about the good stuff in season.”

While Bryant does not believe Christmas music should be played before Thanksgiving, freshman Aiden Catlin thinks the opposite. 

“I think it should be played November first, immediately after the Halloween holiday,” Catlin said.

Junior Emily Brundege also listens to Christmas music before Thanksgiving because there is no Thanksgiving music.

“I listen to it a week after Halloween,” Brundege said. “There isn’t any Thanksgiving music so we need something to celebrate after Halloween. There is no blank space. You have to celebrate all the way through.”

While Brundege listens to Christmas music early because there isn’t any Thanksgiving music, freshman Dorian Ballways does not want there to be Thanksgiving music. 

“We shouldn’t have Thanksgiving music because I do not think the music would even be good,” Ballway said. “However, I do not think Christmas music should be played starting in November. I think after Thanksgiving or mid November.”

While there is controversy about when Christmas music should begin, Brundege thinks Christmas music should not even go on until New year’s Day.

“I think Christmas music should only be played maybe a couple days after Christmas because it is such a big celebration,” Brundege said.

Ballway, on the other hand, thinks it can go on until the end of the year. 

“I think it is fine until New Year’s or maybe even a little bit after that, but not for a month after.”