Families make memories with fantasy football


Photo by Caleb Knollenberg

Sophomore David Sullivan opens the Fantasy Football app. Sullivan is having a rough season and is at the bottom of the league. Photo by reporter Caleb Knollenberg.

With people laughing and the sound of tapping on their phones, friends and family all around play Fantasy Football. Fantasy football is a mobile app that is free and playable on all mobile devices.

“You draft players from the NFL, and depending on how well they play, you get a number of points,” sophomore David Sullivan said.

With competitiveness, there is always some trash talking going on, assistant principal TJ Meyer has had experienced trash talking with his fantasy football league.

“When you’re in leagues with friends or family and you’re winning the trash talking starts to begin,” Meyers said.

A common factor with fantasy football is people getting together with friends and family.

“This is only my second year doing it, but I really enjoy getting together with friends and family and being able to do that with them,” sophomore Ariana Mason said.

Fantasy Football has a pot where you put money into it then whoever does the best at the end gets the pot.

“A lot of people see it based on money but most of the time what we do is just for fun and good times,” Mason said.

In fantasy football players can gain and lose points with certain things such as fumbling or scoring a touchdown.

“You can lose points by players fumbling the ball or something like that, so instead of watching  my favorite teams play I enjoy watching all teams play,” Meyers said.

Some people think certain parts of the game are important but Sullivan has his own.

“The running back is the most important part to me because a lot of teams run the ball so having a good running back does make a difference,” Sullivan said.