Colorguard members adjust to head coach’s absence


Photo Courtesy by lola Tuschhoff

The colorguard prepares for their first home football game of the season. They have been working hard at evening practices.

Colorguard coach Samantha Madorin has not been able to go to band class or early morning practice because her work interferes with it. 

“It kinda sucks because the assistant coach can’t tell us what we are doing wrong, but if Sammy was there, she could tell us right away, and we would fix it immediately,” sophomore Allyssa Pierce said. 

Although the coach is not at band class they have evening practice throughout the week that she attends. 

“We have practice on Mondays and Thursdays from 6 to 8 p.m. We do 30 minutes to an hour of warmup when we are learning new things,” senior Lola Tuschhoff said. 

Even though Madorin can’t make it to band class, assistant coach Alex Christian can. 

“We have our assistant coach who basically helps us clean our routine,” sophomore Dara Mentzer said. 

Even though Christian is the only coach helping them improve during band class, Madorin and Christan are both at evening practice.  

“At practice since we have two coaches, when we are not understanding something we can separate into groups and Alex can lead one and Sammy can teach the other,” colorguard captain senior Elisa Stubby said. 

During class rehearsal Stubby performs and leads the colorguard so she relies on Christian to provide her feedback for the colorguard. 

Even though coaches impact students they are not necessary if the band teachers are around. 

“I dont think it’s much different if she was there because we are just going through sets, and the only way it could affect us is if she was there for the routine, but we have Alex for that, so I don’t think I see much of a difference,” Stubby said. 

Colorguard members don’t think it would be any different if she was there.

“It’s not affecting us because we have a good captain as an authority figure, and the assistant coach Alex there every day but Tuesdays,” Tuschhoff said. 

The colorguard captain Stubby thinks it will be a good season 

“This is one of my best years for colorguard because I know we have a really good coach because I have been with her for four years because of my other team,” Stubby said. “Now that we have an assistant coach  it’s nice to have that extra support there so we alway have the back up and won’t be left alone like other years.”