Senior newspaper members reflect on high school years: Alex Svärd

In just a few days, the class of 2022 is graduating. Everyone will say their goodbyes and look to new beginnings. For me, the end of this year does not only mean walking away from American high school, but also walking away from a life that I love; it means leaving memories, friends and family. Nine months ago, I walked into AHS for the first time and started my almost year-long chapter 4,788 miles from home; a chapter of my life that would come to change me forever. 

Being a part of American high school has always been a huge dream of mine, and I can confidently say that I have managed to fit four years worth of experience into one year. I have been to almost all of the home football and basketball games; I challenged myself to play tennis and soccer. Even though school is quite different here, I enjoyed learning new things and can proudly say that I now know all 27 amendments and how to play baseball. I have enjoyed being a part of Take Two; a class where I got to sing, dance and most importantly: laugh and have fun. Additionally, with less than a month left in the United States, I have further squeezed in typical American experiences like prom, but also, living through my first tornado. 

On August 12th 2021, I walked into the newspaper room for the first time. Filled with excitement, but also nervousness, I started my journey as a part of the AHS Oriole Newspaper staff. With no exception, I will walk out of this room the last time with the same feeling that I had when I first walked into it in August. Newspaper has never felt like a burden or really a job; it has been a safe place where I have been able to be and challenge myself. I will forever be grateful for the inviting environment that the whole staff has shown me throughout this year, and I will treasure the memories and relationships built in the lab. 

Looking back at my time at AHS, I am privileged to have lived the life that 10-year-old me would only dream about. I am, in three weeks, returning to Sweden 10 times wiser and better equipped for whatever lies ahead. In the fall, I will start my last year of high school and hopefully continue my academic journey at law school after that. But no matter what happens next, the experiences of this year will be with me every step of the way.