Rising gas prices lead to frustration


Gas prices on 4/27/22

One of the main topics of conversation is the rising gas prices. Economists link the increases to two basic causes: inflation and the war in Ukraine.

President Joe Biden addressed the issue in his March 31 speech at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

“When COVID struck, demand for oil plummeted, so production slowed down worldwide,” Biden said “Because of the strength and the speed of our recovery, demand for oil shot back up much faster than the supply. That’s why the cost of gas began to rise last year.”

However, the second cause would be Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“The second root is Vladimir Putin,” Biden said in his speech. “At the start of this year, gas was about $3.30 a gallon. Today, it’s about — averaging $4.20, $4.22. Nearly a dollar more in less than three months, and the reason for that is because of Putin’s war, and now, many people are no longer buying Russian oil around the world. I banned the Russian import of oil here in America.”

Because of these causes, inflation has greatly increased. The increase can be felt throughout the world, especially with students.

“Normally, I only fill my tank about halfway,” senior Kennadee Dodds said, “and even with only half a tank, I spend about $40 each time.”

Often parents pay for their children’s gas since the students can not pay themselves

“My parents pay for a one-month supply of gas, but if I need more that month, I pay myself,” sophomore Aspen Magruder said.

As a means to preserve gas and money, students have become creative.

“I used to only fill my gas once it got to half,” freshman Gabe Kohls said. “Now, I run my gas as low as possible and then fill my tank.”

Because of the severity of inflation, Biden has authorized the release of one million barrels of oil a day for six months to lower the cost of gas for American families.