A locally-owned coffee shop will bring Augusta’s youth and community together


Photo by Hayden Blair

Senior Marlee Crump takes freshman Lillian Fuson’s order at the Early Bird Coffee Shop. This gives students an opportunity to learn about the business aspect of running a coffee shop.

Fellowship is important to any community, especially Augusta. Younger generations are looking for ways to enjoy something very popular to them, coffee. 

While so many enjoy these hot or cold beverages, a coffee shop would find lots of success among teens who often go grab a coffee with a friend.

Teens enjoy coffee as a form of comfort and love trying new mixtures of coffee. Some students would like a place in town to enjoy these drinks with other members of the community.

A small coffee shop would bring new opportunities for teens in Augusta. It will create jobs and give a special place for teens to gather and meet new people.

A coffee shop would create an aesthetically pleasing location in Augusta. An aesthetic area can relieve stress for students and provide an inviting environment for other members of the community as well.

Small, locally-owned businesses often have lots of charm and popularity among the community and can attract business to an area. 

Aesthetically pleasing locations become popular on social media and gain success through social media users who make posts at their locations.

This will add a comforting spot for teens and adults alike to enjoy a cup of coffee and get to know more people in their community. 

A small, locally-owned coffee shop would benefit Augusta’s community and youth.