Hidden Gems in Augusta: Miller’s 5


Located at E. 4th Avenue and State Street Miller’s 5 is an old tasty ice cream shop that everyone should try. A very colorful and inviting restaurant Miller’s 5 sells ice cream, burgers and hotdogs, but is mainly known for their ice cream. Miller’s 5 owner Lisa Morashe and her husband Curtis Morashe own the building, but Lisa runs the business. 

“I enjoy running the building and having the freedom to be as creative as possible with it,” Lisa said.


Panorama of millers 5 and all the little shops with it. Photo courtesy Lisa Morashe

Millers 5 was built in 1955 as a tasty freeze meaning an ice cream shop, and the Palmers originally owned the business. Then the Miller’s purchased it, and the name switched over from Tasty Freeze to Miller’s 5 in 1960. Ever since then The Miller’s have owned the business and Lisa is very committed to the restaurant, so much so that she wanted to start selling more than just ice cream.

Their hours of operation are Tuesday-Thursday 11:30-7:00, and Friday- Saturday 11:30-7:30, with Sundays and Mondays being closed. 


Taken by Ella Carrillo-Atherton

Lisa knows and runs everything in Miller’s 5 and has the most experience working there. She enjoys running the business and puts a lot of her time and dedication into the restaurant. They have many customers year round with most business when it gets warmer outside in months like March through September and October. People enjoy sitting outside in the warmer months with their food talking with friends. 

“We are busy year round, mainly when it gets warmer because that way everybody can sit out at the picnic tables,” Lisa said. “So they do not freeze while eating.”

Taken by Ella Carrillo-Atherton