Hidden Gems in Augusta: Lights on Tawakoni


Graphic by TiAna Arnn

Rating: 5/5 Dales

Located at 10318 SW Tawakoni road, the lights on Tawakoni is an extravagant light show everyone should see. 

Light coordinator Crystal Socha and her family started putting out Christmas lights in their front yard 15 years ago. 

“It’s a family tradition that my dad had passed down to us from when he was a kid,” Socha said. 

Sochas dad has decades of experience setting up light displays.

“The reindeer and one of the trains my dad built those in the ’70s; he was doing lights at his fathers house,” Socha said. “It’s always been something that we have done even before we lived out here.”

It takes four people a week and a half to set up all the Christmas lights. They turn on the lights around Thanksgiving and turn them off Jan. 1. Thousands of individual lights go into making the light show. 

“We have about 80,000 lights, but it may be a little more than that. We went a little crazy on our trees up by our house,” Socha said. 

Every year Socha adds something new to the display. 

“We try and get at least one new light set each year, and then other odd things like this year we added stuff to go around our roundabout by our house,” Socha said.

People can drive by the light set up and not even see it all. 

“When it is all lit,  it doesn’t look like there is much out there, but when people tell you they come out three or four times and they still haven’t seen it all, it means a lot,” Socha said.