Looking to crystals: trend guides teens


Photo courtesy Lexi Wolken

Senior Lexi Wolken keeps her crystal collection in her room on her bedside table. “I’ve had manifestations accelerated or worked from crystals,” Wolken said. “Like I’ve gotten money after manifesting with crystals.”

Sitting in math class taking a test, you look over and see a fellow classmate pulling out what looks like a rock and setting it on their desk. To one classmate, this object is just a rock found on the ground, but for the other, it is known as a crystal that comes along with different energies.

Crystals are special kinds of solid materials formed together to make a pattern, and can be found anywhere on Earth. Reading into the facts of energies, sophomore Pashence Adkins used her Catholic beliefs from before to grow into the use of crystals.

“Since I was a kid, I grew up really strictly Catholic, and I kind of derived away from that, but still really believed in the idea of energies and stuff,” Adkins said. “When I found out about crystals and how they have energy, I looked to them frequently and always had this connection towards it.” 

TikTok can be a big introduction of crystals to people, as it goes along with topics like Zodiac signs, which are popular among teenage girls.

“Basically, TikTok got me into it and the fact that it goes hand-in-hand with astronomy and astrology,” senior Lexi Wolken said. “I like learning about that stuff, and they look nice.”

Since crystals can be found all over the world, the different types of them are never-ending, but there are popular ones that most collectors have.

“I have green aventurine, carnelian, and red jasper, which are supposed to make you confident,” Wolken said. “I also have rose quartz, which is a love crystal, as well as a bunch of other gemstones.”

Adkins picks for her collection based on what each of her crystals provides.

“I have selenite, which is a cleansing crystal that I use to clean other crystals, black tulameen and onyx, which help with my nightmares and keep out negativity, jasper is good for passion and keeping motivation, as well as howlite, which is really good for tests. Hematite helps with banning negativity and keeping your positivity, while jade and fools gold help with good fortune,” Adkins said.

While some collectors just hold their crystals, others enjoy wearing different jewelry to keep the crystal on them.

“I do wear a crystal necklace, usually my moonstone one, which helps me feel pretty,” Wolken said.

While the crystal trend has become very popular, some people who are strongly against it.

“I have a strong belief in Christianity, and the crystals just really go against that belief,” junior Trinity McMichael said. “It just doesn’t seem right to believe in a rock to live your life.”

Others believe that it is okay to collect them, but not live your life by them.

“I mean, I think you can have all the pretty rocks you want as long as you’re not letting them make your life decisions for you,” senior Marissa Matney said.

Beyond the opposing opinions, those who do enjoy using crystals see a difference in their lives.

“Honestly, when I use them, I feel a lot more positive whether it’s just manifestation with them or something,” Adkins said. “I just really enjoy having them and holding them to make you feel calm, or just have them on you to always have that energy flow with you. It’s a constant source of positivity.”