Students explain seniorism


“Seniorism”: When seniors are placed on a higher status than underclassmen due to them being in high school longer.

Seniorism can happen in a lot of different ways and sometimes people agree with the decisions while others disagree. 

Some seniors may be picked for a sport just because they are seniors or if they show true leadership. During sophomore Will Stuevens time on the boys tennis team, he experienced this scenario. 

“Seniors have more experience, and they know what they are doing,” Stueven said. 

Whether it deals with a sport, club or activity seniorism can mean a lot of different things. As a freshman on the girls tennis team, freshman Elise Richardson has noticed some seniorism.

If you have a really crappy score, you should not go for varsity, but if there is someone else who has worked more, they should get to go,” Richardson said. 

Sometimes people think it just happens, no matter what grade they are in according to junior Corbin Tipton 

“When it comes to classes they should get higher priority because its their last year but other than that they should not get higher priority,” Tipton said 

Senior Joe Moore thinks that just because they are a senior does not mean they should go to a higher up competition

“In sports they can’t play on JV if they are a senior so they have to play on the varsity team so maybe some underclassmen that deserve to go can’t because some seniors get to go,” Moore said.