Senior newspaper members reflect on high school years: Ivory Rightnar

First of all, high school was nothing like “High School Musical”. I did not find my Troy Bolton or at any time break out into song, however, “High School Musical” was right about a few things. I would make amazing friends, learn some important life lessons, and make memories that I will never forget. 

Throughout high school, I have been involved in many activities, these activities include: volleyball (9, 10, 11, 12), basketball (9, 10, 12), softball (9, 10, 11, 12), newspaper (10, 11, 12), National Honor Society (10, 11, 12), Friends of Freshman (10, 11, 12), and FCCLA (10). These sports and clubs have brought friends that I now consider family and memories that will last me a lifetime. 

Some of my favorite memories include winning the 2019 4A State Softball Championship and placing 5th in sports writing in the 2020 state journalism contest. During the state softball championship, assistant coach Rhett Mallon forgot to check how much gas was left in the transit on the way home and a few of the softball girls ended up stranded on the side of the road. This is a memory I will never forget and something Mallon will never live down. 

As for newspaper, I learned about ducks. How you have to live like a duck. You see, a duck’s feathers are so smooth that water just rolls off their backs. From the wise words of newspaper adviser Julie Barker “Let it roll off your back, be like a duck.” This life lesson, I will never forget. 

Most of all, I am proud of myself and the senior class. We overcame adversity; we lived through a pandemic and persevered through, but most importantly, we got through high school. I would not change anything that happened, the events that have taken place in my life have made me the person I am today. And without the tragedy and dumb mistakes, life would be truly boring. 

If I have learned anything from high school, it is to live life without any regrets. 

Next year, I will be attending Fort Scott Community College to play softball and to do what with my life, I do not know. 

Lastly, thank you Augusta High School for believing in me, for the memories, and for the lifelong friendships.