Advanced Photography Class Trip to Botanica


Photo by Paige Harrington

Different photos taken by the students from the advanced photography class during their trip to Botanica. This trip allowed them to work different styles of photography.

Wednesday, April 7, art teacher Ryan Swayne took his advanced photography class on a trip to Botanica. The trip lasted from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m; the class was going in order to work on outdoor photography.

“The goal was for the students to take some up close photos of some flowers, as well as get some portrait pictures of their friends and some landscapes,” Swayne said.

Most of the students who went on the trip had fun, and learned a thing or two.

“I thought the trip was really fun,” junior Reese Ratcliff said, “I learned how to take different kinds of photos of flowers and landscapes.”

With all the new things they learned, it helped them to improve their picture-taking skills in the future.

“I was happy to go on a field trip again especially because of COVID,” senior Faith Lundin said, “and I learned how to take better pictures in a non-controlled place.”

Since COVID-19 happened, there hasn’t been a lot of different field trips to places, but with the regulations not as restrictive, this trip was able to happen and be able to teach students new skills.

“I would say that the up close pictures of the flowers, the macro photography turned out the best,” Swayne said, “I’m really proud of the whole class in general.”