Passion on the course: Kyra Carrell

Since her freshman year, junior Kyra Carrell has been a member of the high school girls golf team.

Q: What draws you to golf?

A: “I just love how golf is a game when you take it at your pace and you just meet so many great people and make so many friendships over the years you’re playing golf,” Carrell.

Q: Is there a specific reason you got into golf?

A: “The specific reason I got into golf is actually kind of funny,” Carrell said. “I just didn’t want to run track in middle school and then ended up falling in love with the game.”

Q: Explain your favorite memory involving golf? 

A: “My favorite memory definitely has to be from my freshman year,” Carrell said. “Just the whole state experience as a team and being a freshman, it was such a fun memory to have at the start of your high school years.”

Q: Tell us about you; what should we know about you? 

A: “I do plan to go to college to play golf and study elementary education and become an elementary teacher,” Carrell said. “I enjoy talking to people and being around people and just socializing. I obviously love kids, and that is why I want to be in elementary teacher. I’ve had such a great role model, my mom, that it just inspired me to become a teacher.”

Q: How do you feel when participating in golf?

A: “When I play golf it’s just such a fun time for me, and its my escape from a stressful day or a hard test,” Carrell said. “It’s my happy place, and I can always find someone or something at the golf course to just brighten my day and that’s one thing I will always love about golf.”