Love story movie series comes to an end


Photo credit @toalltheboys / Twitter

Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky happily walk down the aisle on their wedding day. Lara Jean dreamt of the day the two got married after going to college together, but it never actually happened in the movie.

The first “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” movie came out on Aug. 12, 2018. The series is about a high school girl who wrote love letters to all the boys she has loved, and her younger sister sent them all out.

In the movies, Lara Jean (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) had a fake relationship, but soon actually fell for each other.

“I really like that it is part of a series because we got to see their relationship grow over the years, and they did not cram it into one movie,” sophomore Gracie Dalziel said.

The series continued on with the third movie which was released Feb. 12, 2021, continuing the couple’s love story.

“I love watching all of these movies because I enjoy seeing the connection between the two actors, they were meant to play these parts together,” junior Bailey Bohon said.

In the third movie, the couple has plans to attend Stanford University together, until Lara Jean falls in love with a college across the country. Peter believed they would not last in different states, but Lara Jean did not want to miss out on a chance at New York University (NYU).

“I was angry with how Peter reacted to Laura Jean’s decision to go to the college that was her dream. I loved when she stood up for herself and did not base her decision on him,” Dalziel said.

The relationship ended for a short time because of their different college options, but, by the end of the movie, Peter realized they could actually make it work.

“It felt very loving when he understood that she wanted to go to NYU, and even though it was across the country, he still agreed to make it work and at least try and keep the relationship happy and healthy,” Bohon said.

The directors of the movie have officially announced that the third movie was the last in the series, and that left viewers with many different emotions. Some just say it was another movie, while others want more from the storyline.

“I am surprised it is over, but not necessarily disappointed. I don’t really care for it much, so I do not mind if it is the last one,” freshman Zoey Woodrow said.

On the other hand, others believe the directors left it on a cliffhanger and want more movies.

“It makes me very upset that this is the last movie because they did not end it in a finished way. They made it seem like there was more to the story,” Bohon said.

Some viewers also said the third movie was not as good as the first two and that the series was sort of the same throughout the whole thing.

 “I felt that the movie series is very led on, like they talked it up to have a larger ending than it actually did. However, it was better than expected,” Woodrow said.

Others enjoyed the third movie more because the relationship was the closest in the last movie.

“I think this is the best one by far because of the connection they have,” Bohon said.

Those who have seen the movie said it gave them different emotions going from happy, to disappointed, to excited.

“It was quite the rollercoaster of emotions while watching it,” Woodrow said.