Snow days affect teachers’ schedules


Graphic by Justin Gwaltney

School was closed for two days because of snow days, and the lesson plans of teachers needed to be shifted or changed because of these unexpected changes.

How do snow days affect teachers’ schedules? Snow days are unexpected events or changes nobody plans for, so most teachers are prepared. Most teachers have their schedules already planned for multiple days in advance, while some teachers have more. 

“I actually have my whole semester planned out, so I know for each day a general idea of what I’m going to do,” English teacher Rebecca Timberlake said.

When unexpected changes happen to these planned schedules, they have to work around them. 

“I have to smush things together, and so sometimes I have to shorten the amount of time that I had thought I was going to spend on something,” Timberlake said. “I have to shorten that time so I can fit everything back in.”

A lot of the time, teachers will just put together multiple days, to make up for the lost time. However, this will lead to some problems, such as not spending as much time on something, or skipping other things.

“Well, I think my plans are flexible enough that I can move it back a day or move it forward a day or change the activity to either go faster or longer,” geography teacher Brad Raine said, “You take what you have and squeeze it or change it.”