Reporters debate the benefits of pineapple on pizza



Hello, we’re gonna answer the age old question: should pineapple belong on pizza?

Pro Claudia Stirewalt- I think it does belong on pizza. And one of the reasons why I think it should be on pizza,(Lunch Bell) its flavor of pineapple balances out the flavor of the salty Canadian bacon. And it’s like a great balance of sweet and savory and sweet and salty. And if you don’t like the garlic butter crust dude it’s even better.

Con Chadd Brown- To rebuttal that it definitely does not belong on pizza, because the first problem we have is the texture, I mean this is a mushy fruit that is generally put on there, cold and cold and hot is something that does not work well on pizza and pizza you know as supposed to have a nice crispy crust and I think it just kind of ruins it all when you put wet fruit on things

Pro- To get back at the texture part of that. Pineapple has some health benefits to pizza as well. Now hear me out. If you’re going to order a pizza. Where is your vitamin C and potassium and fiber coming from, because it’s not coming from the pizza. But if you get pineapple on it, you’re going to get all of that, and pineapple helps aid digestion as well.

ConIf you want to pineapple by itself and eat pineapple itself. Pizza is not supposed to be healthy. Okay, people don’t get pizza to get their vitamin C if you want that get orange juice. So I mean, pizza is supposed to be good. Let’s not throw you know healthy or unnecessary items on it and ruin what pizza is known for being good.

Pro- I think that the overall consistency, or texture as you called it the pizza is just just just a little squeamish like just a little too much like it’s not that bad. Because honestly, you said that cold pineapple goes on pizza well if you put the pineapple on the pizza before it goes in the oven. Then it becomes grilled and that releases more of the sweetness and more the juiciness and that’s even better.

Con- I mean should we start grilling fruits now. 

Pro- Well you do grill fruits. Grilled Pineapple is in fact a thing.

Con- I think pizza was made, not to have fruit on it. Just like many other fruits are like, you know, hamburgers hamburgers, you don’t want grapes on a burger Do you know who wants grapes in the bird because that’s not good who wants pineapple on their pizza.

Pro- Well, the creator of the Hawaiian pizza wanted pineapple on pizza. So,

Con- I think I mean I think the original creator, that made the very first pizza, the pizza Margarita. And he put the 

Pro- Pizza Margarita!

Con- but he made it after he put on some basil crust and cheese. And I just think that’s that’s that’s the, that’s the basics to work off of and I think yeah there’s some exceptions you have some meat products on there things that complement and not things that make it not pizza because I consider a pineapple on pizza salad. 

Pro- A salad?

Con- What are you missing? You got the dressing so that the crusts can be croutons. You got the fruit. And then you got sauce, I mean yeah you got cheese on there. I think when you start ruining things I think it ruins it.

Pro- What do you think? When it is pizza, you are talking about the section of the United States that likes chili and cinnamon rolls. That is insanely sweet and salty. They put those together How is that any different from pineapple and pizza it’s just different topics

Con- Let’s get into some of the main things that we like here in Kansas, we like chicken waffles. We like chili and cinnamon rolls. Yep, both those things can be added separately. Some people like to put their chicken on the waffles. Some people just like to eat them both at the same time, not together. Now let’s go chili and cinnamon rolls, chili and cinnamon rolls complement each other very nicely. Some people like to dip their cinnamon rolls in the chili acceptable. Some people like to put their chili on top of the cinnamon rolls acceptable. Now let’s get into what these two things are: chicken and waffles chicken is usually crispy and has a salty type texture to it. In waffles little sweet you know as a kind of an almost, maybe a slightly crispy crust softened side. But the problem you lose me as whenever you start taking things and putting it on something else to ruin it. And I don’t think that you’re necessarily putting chicken and you can take the chicken off but I mean we have pineapple pizza, just the juice is all inside the crust. It starts coming to doughy and it just becomes unnatural. Not not acceptable.

Pro-I disagree with that because if your pineapple is making your pizza soggy, then obviously, you didn’t strain the juice out of it and it depends on if you’re using canned pineapple or like freshly cut pineapple Do you have a preference of all

Con- Here in Kansas we don’t get any fresh cut pineapple around.

Pro- You can go to the store and get a pineapple.

Con- Americans generally get probably most of their pizza from a store. From a shop from a restaurant and generally they’re not going to go and cut their own pineapple they’re gonna get it right out of the can, especially when they start just putting on their cold I mean I really find this is a disgrace to the pizza community.

Pro- Whoever said that you had to put the pineapple on their cold, why don’t you just automatically assume that that’s how they know I mean.

Con- Well if you want to say if you cook a pineapple in the oven, the same length of, like, a pizza I mean it’s like it’d really be good at that point you’re you drained all the juice out of it it’s all. I mean it’s all shriveled up I mean now you’re making it worse. Don’t ruin pineapple for God’s sakes.

Pro- Well, here’s how I see it. If you make your pizza halfway, or like three fourths of the way and then put the pineapple on it.

Con- Well is that what the Canadian guy did. No!

Con- I’m gonna say these weird foods are storming the nation right now. We got rainbow grilled cheeses. Crazy burritos ketos weird tortilla wraps.

Pro- Littler tortilla wraps.

Con- I mean pineapple pizza has been around since 1964. Let’s just get rid of that I mean is about time it at least don’t leave with pizza cuz that’s not pizza. That is a fruit, pie. 

Pro- A fruit pie?

Con- Yeah.

Pro- I think we should agree to disagree on this one because there’s always going to be people who do like it and people who don’t.

Con- Well, it’s a disgrace.

It’s a disgrace to the pizza community.

Pro- Don’t be sheep. All right, try it. You might find out that you like it, don’t just knock it because someone else told you it was gross.

Con- While your are it just put grapes on your burger and ruin it now.