Boys basketball welcomes a new head coach


Jaxon Williamson

Senior Xander Roberts tries out for the basketball team Nov. 17 in the Hutter Gym. He goes in for a layup and makes it.

Ryan Petty grew up as a huge basketball fan with his family really involved in sports. He loved playing basketball with his older brother growing up. He has always had a passion for basketball and has played his whole life throughout high school. 

His two favorite things about basketball are the competition it brings out in players and the different strategies, which can be used during the game to try and edge the opponent. This is his ninth year coaching and his fourth year as a head basketball coach.

After high school he decided he wanted to coach basketball. He knows the school is very involved with boys basketball and is glad to coach and try to push his team to always be ready and know how to play any positions that may need filled. 

“I am very excited about the season, and I think that we could have a successful season if we work together and hard every day,” Petty said. “We need to work on improving every single day in practice.”

Petty worried this season may be cut short due to COVID-19 and about having people who are in quarantine and games being canceled or postponed. The basketball team is trying to take as many precautions as they can to keep the team and themselves safe. 

He is excited that the team is having the chance to play since last year his season ended quickly without getting to finish, so this season he is hoping for the best and glad everyone is getting time on the court able to play the game they love. He will be trying to get the best out of each player and hopes they connect with the game and love it as much as he does and can’t wait to start and see everyone come to watch. 

“Our players are good kids who work very hard. I am excited to be able to coach this group,” Petty said.” It is such an exciting game to play and I know that a lot of people enjoy watching it around here.”