New healthy drink shop grows popularity in town


Photo by Maddie Smart

Junior Bailey Bohon waits for her meal replacement shake to be made at “At The Park Nutrition & Energy.” The shop’s grand opening was Saturday, Nov. 7, and the owners had giveaways and raffles all throughout the day.

New businesses are constantly opening up downtown, and some new small shops have been built for the town. One of the newest shops that has opened is a healthy energy drink shop, which is located next to the Dalton Palmer park on State Street. 

At The Park Nutrition & Energy is Augusta’s newest addition in the downtown area, which opened on Nov. 7. The shop has three owners, Lexee Hughey, Brandon Newton and Desiree Maw. All three wanted to share their own drink creations.

“Our owners make their own shakes at home and wanted to provide the community with coming into a positive atmosphere and having a quick, healthy option for their day,” Maw said.

Customers can choose from many different drink options at the shop along with many different flavors for each of them. They have shakes, tea, flavored water and more.

“We sell healthy meal replacement shakes that taste like ice cream, as well as healthy energy drinks,” Maw said.

The different flavors have grown popular while the shop has been open, such as the classic puppy chow flavor.

“Puppy chow shake has been a very popular flavor as well as our November special, the Grapple, a pineapple and green apple flavor mix,” Maw said.

Students found out about the shop from others and have wanted to try it out for themselves.

“Some students came to school with it, so I asked them where they got it,” junior Lizzie Johnston said.

Another option of energy drinks is the boosted tea. Johnston tried one of the boosted tea’s while she was there.

“I had a strawberry limeade boosted tea. It was so good; I felt so energized after,” Johnston said.

The shakes come with many different flavor options, that range from chocolates, candies and breakfast and dessert options.

“I had a brownie batter shake, and it was honestly so delicious,” junior Hunter Henderson said.

The shop has another building in El Dorado and wanted to give nearby towns a chance to try it out as well.

“We love being a part of communities. With the success we’ve had in El Dorado, we wanted to provide the City of Augusta with what we offer,” Maw said. 

Students who have tried the drinks the shops offer said the workers were very friendly toward each customer.

“All the employees were very nice there; I felt very welcomed,” Henderson said.

Others who have visited the shop say it is a very nice environment that appealed to the eye.

“It was like a modern, cool, warm vibe, very welcoming,” Johnston said.

At The Park Nutrition & Energy has become an enjoyable place for the people in town and the workers are making plans to add discounts and more for everyone to use.

“I would definitely recommend people to go there and try it out, and they are even talking about adding a student discount for after school,” Henderson said.