DnD brings students together.


Chadd Brown

Sophomore Cody Wilson runs his campaign from where the group left off after the last meeting. Multiple campaigns with a variety of skill levels take place in the DnD club.

Augusta High School has implemented two new clubs the Dungeons and Dragons club (DnD) and the EA Sports club. DnD is a role-playing game that allows players to tell a story while playing and either complete the adventure or fail to accomplish.

“I have been playing DnD for three years now with people from school, and I knew we have sports and stuff, but I wanted to make this a thing,” DnD member Cody Wilson said. “It is a very intimidating thing to take on, but I wanted to give people at school a chance to get involved.”

The DnD club is open to all members ranging from all skill levels. With DnD being a long game that takes a lot of creativity, it can be very daunting to join and understand the game.

“It’s very welcoming. Everyone Is very kind and respectful, especially to beginners, they make sure to help you out,” DnD member Alyssa McCalla said. “It’s a game of adventure and curiosity.”

New clubs being introduced are giving more opportunities to allow students to get involved, and to collaborate with other students outside of school. Since there are all skill levels in the club, members have ways to make sure everyone is accommodated.

“I wanted to make sure that we do have more advanced campaigns, where people are implementing different rule sets and more advanced level stuff,” Wilson said. “My campaign and another campaign are safer for newer players to come in and learn, because I really did want this whole thing to be very appropriate for all skill levels.”