Quarantine puts stress on students


Counselor Audrey Neuchafer participates in a Zoom meeting with quarantine students in her office at 10:00 a.m. Students will join if they have any questions and to check in.

Since school started, staff and students have been taking many precautions whether it be wiping off desks, staying 6 feet apart from everyone, or only sitting four people at a lunch table. Teachers and counselors have been on Zoom with students making sure they are caught up in their classes.

“Our hope is to keep as many kids in our building as possible,” principal Rick Rivera said. “We make sure exposed students monitor their symptoms, and if they have symptoms they should get tested.”

So far this year, 43 students have been quarantined, some only for a few days and others for the full two weeks. It has been a challenge for students to get their work done from home and has put more stress on them. 

“I can’t learn over the computer and I feel like teachers don’t know exactly what to do when having kids in person and some on Zoom.” junior Haley Smith said. “I hate that I am pulled out of class when I had to be quarantined, I feel like the masks are pointless.” 

Smith feels that she is not getting as much from school and feels teachers are unsure about what to do with quarantined students. Students who end up quarantined should get tested if they have symptoms, but no matter if it comes back positive or negative the student still has to quarantine. Anyone who has been around a student who has COVID-19 for more then 10 minutes within a six feet distance has to stay home. 

“I was exposed through my dad’s work at flight safety which was surprising since I spent seven hours around many students each day,” junior Madeline Natvig said. “I tried my best to keep up with essays and assignments, which was difficult since it was unpredictable as to how I would feel each day.”