Senior basketball manager plays in first game since 7th grade


Photo by Ivory Rightnar

Seniors Zach Davidson and Garret Belknap hug after Belknap played for the first time since 7th grade. Davidson and Belknap have been friends for years.

Senior Garret Belknap played in the last regular season game against Winfield Feb. 27. Belknap had not played basketball in a competitive setting since he was in 7th grade because he realized he would rather manage. Belknap and the team had no idea he was playing until after practice on Wednesday, giving him no time to practice plays with the team. 

“I’m going to be honest; I was pretty scared all day, pretty nervous, the team all can tell you the same. It was a pretty good feeling, I’m not going to lie,” Belknap said. 

Belknap went into the game during the third quarter, but did not score. He then went in again during the fourth quarter and in the last minute of the game with an assist from sophomore Josh Burton, scored and the crowd went wild screaming and jumping.

“Making the shot felt pretty good, but it all goes out to my team; they’re amazing. I love every single one of them. I love all the coaches, and it has been a great three years,” Belknap said.

Photo by Ivory Rightnar
Senior Garret Belknap goes into the game during the fourth quarter. Belknap scored in the last minute of the game.
Photo by Ivory Rightnar
Seniors Jaren Jackson, Zach Davidson, and Garret Belknap about to play at Winfield. The boys were excited to see Belknap play.
Photo by Ivory Rightnar
Senior Garret Belknap gets in for the first time during the third quarter. Belknap got to play with some of his best friends.