Negative attitudes lead athletes in wrong direction


Photo courtesy Gus Garcia

Freshman Alli Eastridge motivates her teammate Jenna Speere at their volleyball game. The team worked together to get the victory.

“I believe negative attitudes affect the team because in team sports you must rely on each other to stay positive, so if one person gets negative everyone reflects it,” freshman Gracie Dalziel said.

Athletes have come to realize that negative attitudes affect their teams even if they do not realize it.

“It makes practice worse because people start to not work as hard without realizing they are not trying,” junior Hayden Vittitow said.

Team sports require everyone to help each other and make sure they are constantly being positive.

“I try to lead by example such as what our coaches do, they are always telling us they believe in us and it truly helps keep me in a better mood,” Vittitow said.

In addition, teammates encourage each other in order to keep a positive game.

“I make sure to tell them that they are doing fine and it will be okay, so they do not give up,” Dalziel said. 

While bad attitudes can affect other teammates, some have learned that it is best to not let it get in their way.

“I try not to let the actions of others affect me because I know that if they are in a bad mood, it could very easily put me in a bad mood as well,” Vittitow said.

As a result, athletes have learned that it is better to leave the mistakes in the past and wait for another opportunity.

“I tell myself there will be more plays and if I make a mistake I just try to not do it again and do better next time,” Dalziel said.