Parking lot worries young drivers

Every day students, teachers, and parents drive through the parking lot to come to school or drop off their child. A great number of cars that drive through the school parking lot, so how are students using the lot before and after school. 

“I park in the same spot every day roughly because it is easier and I am used to parking there,” Connor Casteel said.

Before and After school students sit in their cars and hang out with friends and some are just waiting to leave or till the lines of cars deplete. 

“It depends when I leave because I would rather wait than get hit by a car,” Abby Laing said.

There are some drivers in the parking lot who are reckless or are not as safe as they should be.

“Someone pulled out in front of me and I almost got hit,” Laing said. 

Students say that the traffic before and after school is terrible. And everyone is trying to cram their way out of the parking lot.

“It is terrible, a lot of student drivers act as if they are the only cars in the parking lot,” Casteel said.

 Every once and a while or if there are suspicions of unwanted activities, school officers and the principle will go out and search the vehicles.

“It is very useful because if they are doing illegal activities, they will get punished and hopefully not do it again,” Laing said.

Students when they find something or see something are told to report it to a teacher or the school’s SRO officer.

“I would go to the police because that would be the right thing to do,” Casteel said.