First baptist church hosts 22nd annual Harvest Party


Photo by Jaden Laing

Kids played carnival games and won candy as prizes. The youth and NHS was in charge of running the games.

The First Baptist Church (FBC) hosted its 22nd annual harvest party to raise money for it’s Preschool.

The FBC youth ran and organized the event, a free night of carnival games, prizes and candy with a full family atmosphere for children in fifth grade and under. 

First year Preschool Director Michelle Emmit is in charge of the concession stand. All donations go to the preschool. In the past Emmit has helped for seven years. 

“Seeing the kids, they come back every year and say Ahh!! It’s Mrs. Michelle,” Emmit said. 

Many people help run the harvest party, but another group that helps out is NHS. Members of NHS earned volunteer hours helping out at town events. Sophomore Reese Ratcliff helped out on Wednesday. 

“This is way out of my comfort zone, but I’m happy to be here and see all of the kids costumes and their creativity,” Ratcliff said. 

Costumes were encouraged, but the church want to keep them appropriate. 

Children continue to come back to the family friendly environment. Fifth grader Landon Scott, who has been going for two years, dressed up as a S.W.A.T officer. 

“Getting candy and seeing everyone’s costume is my favorite part,” Scott said.

Church deacon Tye Riebel who has been helping out with the harvest party for eight years, plans to continue his work with FBC and the kids.  

“I see kids come back year after year who love it, and thats what its always been about is the kids,” Riebel said.