Citizens work together to support local family in need


Photo by Maddie Smart

Signs have been placed in the halls around the school for Caleb’s Cause. Students can visit the signs to find out how to submit t-shirt designs.

A NHS junior decided to start a fundraiser for an 8th grade middle school student in Kansas City fighting Lymphoma.

Junior Meagan Miller has started a fundraiser named Caleb’s Cause. The fundraiser is a website where citizens can subscribe for a T-shirt of the month club.

“People can subscribe once for $20 a month or buy a $20 shirt every month,” Miller said.

Caleb’s Cause is named for eighth grader Caleb McElwee is currently in Kansas City fighting against T-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. T-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma occurs in the lymph nodes and can be caused from a weakened immune system.

This is an aggressive cancer that have to do with types of Lymphoma. This particular disease is one that affects T lymphocytes. Lymphoma happens when the lymph nodes become enlarged.

Any student can submit a design and NHS will vote on the design they like best.

“I picked NHS to choose the design because there are a lot of people and our job is to help the community,” said Miller.

Miller believes that Caleb’s Cause is something the town should be doing in order to help other families around.

“We should all help our community, and this is an easy way for us all to be connected and help Caleb,” Miller said.

Many people have personal connections whether it be their family or friends and know how it feels to the family.

“I have a personal connection with cancer and feel as if others would appreciate being able to help, as they have had to deal with it, too,” Miller said.

Other fundraisers have gone on in order to raise money for McElwee and his family such as a benefit dinner that took place on Sept. 18, at the Saint James School gymnasium. 

Students looking for more information can visit the link at, where you can also purchase a subscription or shirt.