Homework causes unnecessary stress for students


Savannah Athy-Sedbrook

Sophomore Alexis Martin works to complete an assignment for Mrs. Smeltzer’s Honors English class. Smeltzer gives students time to work on their homework in class.

For most students, a normal day is filled with hours of sports practices followed by an even longer period of homework. By the time they’re done, it’s time to eat, shower, and go to sleep. Where is the time set aside to experience what are supposed to be the most enjoyable years of a teen’s life?

As students go through high school, more homework and tests are given over harder material. Even if a teacher gives an hour of homework every night, most students have four classes every day, which would be at least four hours of homework. That means more grading for the teacher assigning it; which is not a fun situation for either party.

Students are expected to willingly give up their own personal time for homework and other school commitments, which should not be the case. 

To help students manage their stress levels, teachers should not give out homework unless it is an assignment not finished in class. This would allow extra free time for the students, and less grading for the teachers. 

Imagine how much stress would be taken off a students shoulders if they did not walk away from school everyday with four assignments due next class.

In-class assignments give students the ability to ask for help instead of only doing half the work at home because they do not understand.

Being in the shoes of a high school student is stressful. They bounce from assignment to assignment, trying to complete a never-ending list of things to do. Every time they think they’re done, another forgotten assignment pops up. 

The amount of homework given to students should be changed in order to give back that free time to enjoy their last few years before adulthood.