Seniors end athletic careers with graduation


Photo by Bailey Pennycuff

Blake Altenhofen (12), getting ready to play his last basketball game, high fives his teammates. The boys basketball team ended the season placing second in the state tournament.

From the butterflies in a stomach, to the adrenaline rushing throughout a body and the feeling athletes get when knowing that they played their best are all unique and amazing experiences that an athlete can get.

While some athletes play to get this feeling, others play to simply have fun and get the high school experience. Some student athletes would love to get the chance to play past high school; for some this is a reality, but for others, life gets in the way.

“I feel sad I didn’t take the opportunity to play again, but I’m happy to start a new chapter of my life with no worries of having to multitask a chemistry major and volleyball,” Jennifer Siviseth (12) said.

Siviseth played volleyball all four years of high school and fell in love with the game. She made close friends because of the sport.

“The best part of the volleyball season was when the team would run the mile, and my best friend Jaci Bogner (12) would tell me crazy facts to take my mind off running,” Siviseth said.

Hesston Community College offered Siviseth a spot on the volleyball team, but she declined.

For some student athletes, playing a sport was about new experiences.

“I just started playing soccer last year; I don’t feel very sad about not playing in college, but I will definitely miss all the memories that came with soccer,” Brianna Coon (12) said.

Coon loved the feeling of being out on the field with her team and getting to meet new people and grow relationships with them.  

Both Corbin Parker (12) and Blake Altenhofen (12) love the game of basketball and will miss the sport, as well as the people who came along with it.

“I’m very sad about not playing again; I always looked forward to having games, and it’s very disappointing that it’s over,” Parker said.

Parker’s favorite memory from basketball was getting the opportunity to play in the state championship game.

“I’m sad that the sport is over, but I’m excited for the next step in my life,” Altenhofen said.

Altenhofen plans on attending the University of Kansas and majoring in finance next year.

High school athletics help create friendships and memories that will last forever in the memories of these student athletes.