Hacked media causes social concern

According to Statista.com, more than 81 percent of Americans have social media accounts. this includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, all of which can be hacked into. In fact, “Media Genesis” reports that 44 records are stolen every second.

“I think people hack because they want to mentally harm someone or to steal private information,” Owen Frizell (10) said.

Hackers have different reasons for hacking into accounts. One reason is to obtain personal passwords they can use to hack into other medias or bank accounts. Hackers can also take phone numbers and use them for spam calls or texts to send links that could infect the device with a virus.

“My Facebook got hacked; I clicked on a link someone sent me, and they started to control my account,” Frizell said.

People don’t think they could get hacked because they change their password constantly, but that is not the case.

“When I choose to change my password, I make sure no one knows it,” Ziza Davis (9) said.

For some who don’t know a lot about technology or the internet, it can be difficult to prevent getting hacked, even to change their passwords.

“I changed my password and activated a two-factor authentication, so it makes it harder for someone to hack my accounts,” Frizell said.

To prevent an account from being hacked, do not fill out all the information companies ask for and do not give your password to anyone.

“I gave one of my peers at my old school my password, then the next day she posted inappropriate pictures of herself on my account,” Davis said.

Many people use the same password or email for everything and do not think about changing them constantly.

“I protect my account from being hacked by changing my password a lot, so that nobody can get into my account,”Davis said.

Friends get into fights, so by trusting someone outside family, it can be taking a risk with important information, exceptionally when it comes to password. It’s better to keep all the information within the family.