School wide scavenger hunt excites participants


Photo courtesy Kellee Roberts

This graphic is found on every clue used in the Oriole Escape. The interactive media class designed this graphic.

Kellee Roberts teaches the Oriole Productions class, that has created an interactive social media platform on Twitter. A couple of students – Samantha Dudeck (11), Alison Vance (10) and Jack Mansfield (11) – came up with the project idea and planned how they were going to make their idea come to life.

“Oriole Escape is basically a project for interactive media that we designed to kind of involve the student body in an end of the year project, so that there is a little less stress for finals,” Dudeck said. “It is a month-long project where clues are released and students have to find what they mean.”

They started a contest called the Oriole Escape, which is a scavenger hunt that goes from April 9 to May 10. A total of 12 teams consisting of one to four members are participating in the Oriole Escape.

Clues can be found throughout the school.

“Pay attention to the clue; it may not always be what it seems to be,” Mansfield said.

New clues are released every week. The clue released gives hints to the location of the next clue.

“If we put all of the clues out where people can find them; our scavenger hunt would be over in a day,” Roberts said. “We had to basically tell everyone that there would be some time in between clues.”

The scavenger hunt itself has few rules.

“There can be no more than four people on the team, you have to be willing to keep up with us so things can run as smooth as possible, and you have to be willing to participate,” Dudeck said.

The scavenger itself is completely ran by students.

“My favorite part is that the kids did it. My students did it from start to finish. They wanted to do it at the beginning of the semester, and they have been organizing it, and preparing it all semester long, and now, they get to finally put it into action,” Roberts said.

The first team to find the final clue will win the Oriole Escape and will receive custom made T-shirts.